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The advancements in audio visual technology are changing the way we do business, educate students and share information. Innovations in audio visual services are making it easier for us to connect and collaborate than ever before.

ETS team of audio visual service professionals will not only work with you to design, install and commission the system that best meets your needs. We will also train your users to ensure they have a thorough understanding of the system and its features, leaving you with the ability to work smarter, feel safer and collaborate more efficiently.


A video display system from ETS can enhance the audience’s experience. Our experts understand the components that go into successfully implementing a visual display system for any organization.

From a single flat screen to a large projected image to a large video wall system, we have a solution that will best fit your needs and your budget.


Conference / Classroom audio visual technology can turn ordinary meetings or classes into engaging experiences for the participants or students.

By implementing a large flat panel TV, an interactive whiteboard or an interactive projector, ETS can improve the way your students learn or employees collaborate.


Digital signage systems have the ability to boost your organization’s message. From telling your companies’ story to displaying your services, these systems can deliver a custom message tailored to your audience.


The ability to manage your many audio visual devices is crucial in successfully operating your system. Whether it’s a button panel on a wall, a touch panel, or an application on your smartphone or tablet – ETS will work with you to provide the control system that best meets your needs.

IPTV Solutions

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is the delivery of media content, videos or live television over an IP Network. IPTV can either use the public internet, a private local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN). An IPTV services can be delivered to an IP enabled TV, mobile phone, tablet, PC & laptop.

ETS will provide you IPTV services commonly used by businesses and organizations to deliver TV signal to waiting areas, receptions, hotels and common rooms and often integrated with digital signage capabilities. IPTV is also popular solutions for the provisions of TV services with hotels, hospitals or residential properties.